Bring the Christmas spirit into your student room!

Christmas is by far the most enjoyable time of the year. Wintry and cold weather keeps us indoors. The ideal time to cocoon in your room and make it even warmer and more homely with the following Christmas tips:

Decorate in style

Usually you have little space to decorate extensively in your room and you have to take into account all kinds of rules (eg prohibition to hang something on the walls). That shouldn't be a problem! Opt for a nice vase with some Christmas balls and lights. Or make a big bow with Christmas ribbon around your chair, on your closet or computer screen. Buy a soft Santa or snowman pillow, or a cute Christmas cuddly toy. Atmosphere guaranteed!

Be original

No big budget? Get creative by making a Christmas tree out of empty cans, candy or with branches. Paint some pinecones green and put them in a flower pot or make a garland. Do you have (artificial) plants in your room? You can also decorate them with fake snow, lights or Christmas ornaments. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest.

Get started with post-its

Even with post-its, you can transform your room into a Christmas-proof space in no time. Stick the post-its in the shape of a Christmas tree or star on your door, your wall or against your window. You can experiment with different colors of post-its for even more effect.

Twinkling lights

Who says you need a Christmas tree to use a string of lights? Lights immediately bring the Christmas spirit to your room. Drape them around your window or above your bed. Excessive decorating is allowed! With white lights you create a calm pleasant atmosphere, colored lights provide a touch of extra nostalgia.

Play Christmas music

What gets you more in the Christmas mood than cozy Christmas music? Jingle bells are part of it! Compile your favorite playlist and share it with your roommates. So you can treat each other to your favorite songs. And yes. You can roar along every now and then. You will be forgiven for that at this time of the year šŸ˜‰.

Delicious treats

Drink hot chocolate or a cup of soup with your roommates. Bake cookies for everyone. Freshly baked cookies will make your whole room smell like Christmas! A delicious Christmas cake is also not to be missed. The internet is brimming with delicious recipes.

Contribute to a good cause with your roommates

Christmas is a celebration of giving and serving others. Organize a warm action for an organization or people who need it. Or install a piggy bank in the communal kitchen where all the change ends up. Working together for a good cause does good.

- Always take into account the corona measures in force -

Wishing you nice, warm and cozy Christmas festivities and a Happy New Year!