7 useful tips for finding a student room

You have chosen to come and study in Limburg. You are (almost) ready to leave the parental nest. Now your search for a room to spend your student days can begin. 

On this website you are guaranteed to find your ideal room where you can study, laugh with your friends and feel comfortable. Through the search engine you will find a diverse range of student rooms and studios. There is a room for everyone. 

Need some help with your search? Take the time to read these useful tips. 

We wish you a pleasant student life!

1. First step = think

Before you sign a tenancy agreement,think carefully about what your wishes are. It will be your home for the coming period. It should therefore be a place where you feel safe. Are you social and do you want to live in a lively house? Then a room with a shared kitchen is ideal for you. Do you like to cook and is the kitchen your sanctuary?  Then perhaps a studio is a better choice. Find out what is important to you and what suits your personality.

2. Determine your budget

At the beginning of your search decide how much budget you want to invest in a  student room. When you choose a room on this website, all the costs of the room are included. The owner of the room can only charge for the personal use of internet, water and electricity. Sometimes you also have to pay a city tax.  Some owners have an all inclusive price. Always ask the owner what the actual costs will be. That way there will be no surprises.

 3. Don't start your search too early

The ideal time to look for a student room is April/May. However, don’t panic if you start your search now.  Even in this period there are still plenty of rooms available. It is best to wait until after the exams. There are students who do not succeed and decide not to rent their room anymore. 

The numbers on our website will give you an idea of the number of rooms available.

Please note!  It is possible that an owner does not update his available rooms in time. Always contact the owner to make sure the room you want is still available.

4. Choose a nice location

Do you like living between large meadows, cows and horses? Or do you prefer the bustling city life? Do you like living close to the campus or preferably close to your friends? All these questions will help you find your ideal student room. Most of the studentrooms are located close to campus.

On the website you can use the search function to easily find a room based on your personal preferences. 

5. Read the model lease

It may seem obvious, but it is still important to read the model tenancy agreement carefully before you sign it. Have verbal promises and a description of the accomodation put down on paper. That way you can avoid later discussions. Also read the house rules carefully. This will give you a clear idea of the do's and don'ts at your potential room. 

6. Visit the student rooms

Go and visit the room, it's part of the experience. This way you can find out whether the room and the surroundings suit you.  If you want to visit your room before signing a contract. You can always stay a couple of days in the Hostel in Hasselt, near the train station.

You can recognize the rooms on this website by this poster on the streetside. 

Visit several places and make a comparison. Only then can you really say which room is right for you. Nothing is more convenient than the open house days, which give you the opportunity to visit several houses in one day. These days coincide with the information days of Hogeschool PXL, UC Leuven-Limburg and UHasselt. The exact dates can also be found on the website. During these times, it is important to make an appointment with the owner. 

7. Ask other students how they experience life in the student house.

Ask information from students who have already experienced life in a student room. They know better than anyone what to look for when finding a room. Even when you're visiting a room and a student is there, it's always useful to hear firsthand about the atmosphere and sociability, whether the house rules are followed properly, etc. ....

Good luck finding a nice student room!